Kimberley Gordon is the creator of the brand  WILDFOX.

She has been working in Los Angeles in the fashion industry since 2004, principally focused over eight years on building WILDFOX into a highly recognizable and covetable leisure wear brand.

Designer, graphic artist, photographer, painter, producer and blogger, Kimberley Gordon is also a self-professed sleepover connoisseur, midnight snacking expert and all-things-dreamy curator. From a very young age, she watched her mother and father work together on children’s books; her father hand inking the illustrations and her mother writing playful stories. She moved with her family as a ten year old from West Sussex in England, to Santa Barbara, California, where she found magic in the fact that they could walk to the mailbox barefoot… in December, and dived into activities like tie-dying and home movie directing at her new, alternative school. Obsessed with film, fashion and graphic art, her personal drive and courage brought her to Los Angeles at the age of 19. She was hypnotized by the billboards, movie set streets and the pulse of traffic flowing through freeway veins to the heart of Hollywood. Inspired by the art and life of the city, Kimberley sought a career that would combine her deep love of fashion, art and directing. On the way, she worked as a waitress, and took endless college classes in web design/html, editing, screenwriting, photography, figure drawing and graphic design. She competed successfully for a job advertised on Craigslist, and started as a design assistant for a small, but well established fashion house. Under a great mentor who offered her a chance, she worked her way up, learning all she could about the leisure wear industry. One night a few years later, sketching LA fairytale images in a Silver Lake tree house with her childhood best friend, an idea took shape. The dream began of a fashion line of their own, a dream that became WILDFOX. The dream continues, finding form in fabric, film, and fantasy, guided by experience, masters in the fields of art, wise friends and family, and creative energy, sweetened always by love and icecream.