British Vogue is like cake

One of my favorite things is buying British Vogue at an international airport before a long flight. I love getting on the plane and getting a glass of tomato juice with ice and a little bottle of chardonay, then scouring the pages of this magazine. I read every little piece, I swear I could eat vogue if it were possible. I get a million ideas from it's pages. I love sketching out clothes and graphics on large post-its and sticking them in the pages. The sound of the air conditioning streaming down, your boyfriend or Mom or a stranger next to you. Once, before we shot her, Emily and I sat next to Rachel Ballinger on a flight back from New York to Los Angeles. I kept thinking, "Jesus, who is this girl next to us she is un real!"

Picture from our flight home from NY, with Emily. Shot with a G 10 for those of you who keep askin!

I use a G10 mostly with home made filters. Also use Canon 30 D with slight wide angle lens.

Posted on April 23, 2010 .