Stella Lucia is an instant success

The Perks of Being Different: Stella Lucia on Her Unique Look and Styling Aspirations
Janelle Okwodu Fashion April 4, 2015 — 03:00PM

Many models enter fashion with dreams of magazine covers and campaigns, but Austrian newcomer Stella Lucia’s initial career goals placed her in a different category. “I always wanted to be a stylist,” says Lucia. “When I was 13, I got discovered over Facebook by a stylist who wrote to me asking if I wanted to model and then brought me to my mother agency. It was actually a surprise for me. I had never thought about doing modeling or something, so I was really excited and I wanted to try it.”

A career behind the scenes may be her end goal, but one look at Lucia makes it easy to see why she was scouted. Her bee-stung lips and quirky features give her a beauty that is at once delicate and seductive. This alluring contrast has resonated with the likes of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot and Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, who cites Lucia as his latest obsession and cast her in his Spring campaign alongside Julia Roberts. The job provided Lucia with her big break and her first taste of California life, an experience she won’t soon forget. “I think going to L.A. was really my nicest experience so far. The people are so much more relaxed and everything is so beautiful.”

Since arriving on the scene, Lucia has landed in the pages of artsy publications like AnOther and CR Fashion Book where she’s been given the opportunity to star in outlandish, attention-grabbing images by Nick Knight and Karl Lagerfeld. The influx of editorial work allows Lucia a chance to experience her favorite part of modeling: role-playing. “Clothes can let you act. How you’re styled is how you behave,” the model expounds. “When the clothes are really dark and gothic, I can take on that role; if they’re lighter and more romantic, I can show that side.”

Modeling also brings her closer to the clothes she grew up admiring. Citing labels like Maison Margiela, Dries Van Noten, and Givenchy as favorites, Lucia has developed a style she calls “very chill, always comfortable, and with a little twist.” Her mix of comfy hoodies layered beneath glamorous coats has earned her a place as a street-style star to watch, but the real fun comes when she gets a chance to put her styling talents to good use. “My boyfriend's a stylist, so I often assist him and try to help him out with that. I do a lot of fashion even when I don't work in modeling—I still want to be a stylist one day, and modeling has let me get the connections, so hopefully I can do that later on.”