I recently shot the Blue Life Venice Mystic look book! So lovely to work with Jena Goldsack again while she was in town, was really feeling the henna palm reader for Planet Blue, she lives in this mystical home near the water where she does psychic readings out of her kitchen, surfs in the morning, makes magical mushroom toast for breakfast, and looks into her own future on a daily basis. 

Thank you to all the amazing people who worked on this look book, the Planet Blue girls are truly magical, caring, giving, supportive and kind. It shows in the product and the store, it shows in the shoots. 

Photos/still life/edit by Kimberley Gordon

Makeup by Stella Kae

Hair by Crystal Boyce 

Styling by Whitney Scherillo & Ling Su Chinn

Henna by Neha Assar

Food by Kimberley Gordon

Location the Merchant House Venice

produced by  Cassidy Tashjian