The Disney men come to life, and they are sexy as F.

Jirka Väätäinen has done us all a favor and turned the Disney Princes, princesses and villains into real people. Using composits and digital painting, these sexy/eerie artworks are goosbump inducing good. Now please tell me,

which one do you want as a grown up? Comment below!

Adam is looking pretty damn fine. No wonder Belle went through all that weird Bestiality stuff.

And while we are talking about Disney, check out these spectacular videos of the girls recording the famous Princess songs. PREPARE FOR CHILLS!!

God Save Queens, Welcome to Exile

I was lucky enough to art direct and shoot the latest God Save Queens lingerie campaign, a beautiful polish brand with stunning undies. 

I imagine queens through the ages in their underwear, this one I felt pulled by a 17th century queen, a mistress and a confidant. After becoming vampires they are exiled into the country where they live alone, pining in their underwear, feeding on pet birds and reading Justine by Marquis De Sade over and over again. 

I look forward to more campaigns with God Save Queens in the future, along with more of my own secret projects so keep following for updates!



Photos: Kimberley Gordon

katiusha feofanova

Helene Desmettre

Veridiana Feirrera


Hair: Linh Nguyen

Casting: Julia Samersova & Kimberley Gordon

Assisted by Ian Fenger & Marcus Congleton